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    I chose the Tazer Lite model due to its price obviously. The only thing I wanted more was the seat belt chime and the halo led light controller. Both of which require the Tazer Mini, which has all the features but to me makes it menu heavy and more than I will ever need.

    I bought mine from extremeterrain.com, I needed someone to ship to Guam so they were the ones I came accross that made it happen. They also hooked me up with a great price.

    Got the Tazer Lite in the mail today. First thing to do is update it on their website.


    You will need to download the utility and update windows for this to work. You can do all this from the Z website.


    The update will need to be done to the latest Firmware. Mine was on 9X, its now up to date with 11.0.9


    After you have installed the update. Pull the plugs out from behind the OBDII plug, you can easily reach up and see this block. Unclip the two harnesses and let them hang down.


    I added velcro to the top of the unit to secure to the speaker pod behind the dash.


    Plug in the two cables into the unit. This allows you to control the network of the Jeep. This is greater control than the dealer would ever allow you to have and its the same price as having the computer flashed at the dealer over a few trips for upgrades. It pays for itself.


    Attach the other side of the velcro to the bottom of the speaker box behind the dash. I oriented the box down so I could see the light and the plug at the bottom so I can plug in my 15" Dell Tablet for updates and data logging.

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