Where to put the ham stuff?

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    2006 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon
    Nov 25, 2018
    Houston, TX
    I currently run HF, v/uhf ham and v/uhf public service radios in my LJ. I assume the mounting challenge for control heads and one piece radios will be the same as the JL. I think the answer is one of the bars that goes across the top of the dash and allows you to mount things to it. On my LJ, I use the MOLLE on the back of my Bartact seat covers to mount the radios and related gear to keep it out of the way. I am hoping the lockable area behind the rear seat will accommodate radios whose remote heads are on the dash. I would appreciate any thoughts on this subject from those who have seen them at a show. Next question is antennas. I have seen some options for JLs based on light mounts for the base of the windshield that would work for a v/uhf antenna, especially the shorter ones, but where does the HF screwdriver go, or for that matter a firestick if you are running a CB? It is on the spare tire carrier on my LJ, but I am looking forward to never again having to swing one of those, even if I am limited to 35s. I figure I should avoid the inside of the bed and lip area to avoid impacting tonneau covers or other top and rack optoins. I have considered a body mount on the outside of the bed behind the passenger side wheel well, either a flange to which the antenna would mount or an old school ball mount. Thoughts? Other ideas? I suppose the good news is that by the time I get my diesel, others will have solved the problem on their gas rigs.

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