Why I sold my Gladiator

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May 10, 2021
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Santa Maria, CA
2021 Jeep Gladiator Willys
Well, I just wanted to share my story about why I sold my Gladiator. Some people don't like opinions. If this is you, it would probably be best to move on.

I actually really liked my 21' Jeep Gladiator Willys Sport. I planned on keeping it and sold my daily driver 19' VW Jetta to dump more miles into the truck. I had an 18' Jeep Wrangler that had numerous issues with the manual trans, recalls, driveshaft clunks, and MAJOR corrosion on every panel. I traded my Wrangler for the 21' Gladiator hoping mine was a lemon and they sorted out the corrosion on the Gladiator. No power locks or windows. MSRP was about 42k for the Gladiator. After a couple thousand miles I could smell a burning of oil. Turned out my axle seal blew and leaked into my brakes on the pass side rear. I also saw on here that Jeep issued a TSB for corrosion for the Jeep Gladiator. (The main reason I sold the Wrangler). I kept commuting in my truck. Spending about $650 on fuel. I was ok with that because I liked my truck. Jeeps are incredibly fun. I picked both of my Jeeps by spec and drove hundreds of miles to get them. I saw a loaded 22' Mazda CX5 Carbon Edition AWD with red leather interior and spontaneously went to go look at it. I immediately saw the difference in quality and options I could get for 32k. I loved my truck and I wanted to keep it. I just felt like Jeep didn't care about it's customers. I completely understand that every company is driven by profits, but my experience with my Jeeps were terrible. I hope Jeep and Stelantis really improve the Jeep brand as a whole. They need to focus on quality control and offer simple things like power locks / windows on base models without a mark up. I bought the 22' Mazda on the spot at MSRP without a hassle. 8500 miles later I have zero issues on the Mazda. I already had a blown axle, corrosion, transmission problems, and more by the time I hit 8,500 miles on both Jeeps.

Owning 2 brand new Jeeps in 2.5 years. I had an absurd number of serious of issues. The Jeep Compass I got as a rental, died 5x while driving and I had to return it. They couldn't get it started after I pulled into their lot.

Jeep... get it together.

I will come back as a loyal customer when you do.



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