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  1. New 2020 Ford Bronco Renderings

    It sounds like the Bronco design/plans are not fully locked in yet if they are waiting on the JL. Will it be 2 and 4 door models? If you have an ear to anyone at Ford tell them the world wants a true Wrangler alternative and not just a tough looking Explorer.
  2. JT Wrangler Truck Testing on Public Roads, Shows Spare Tire Mount

    They did a great job tucking the spare up as high as possible underneath the truck. One of the concerns with an undercarriage spare mount was that it would hang too low and kill departure angle. Not the case here. :like:
  3. Tow capacity for Jeep Wrangler Pickup Truck (JT)?

    So "tow package" includes different engine. Same transmission?
  4. Tow capacity for Jeep Wrangler Pickup Truck (JT)?

    Impressive # for a midsize pickup. WHat's in the towing package that almost doubles the Tacoma's towing capacity?
  5. Aluminum bed for JT pickup truck?

    Ack that looks bad like a bad decision by Ford to use aluminum for the truck bed. A bedliner would probably prevent that kind of damage but those don't come standard on the F-150.
  6. JT (Wrangler Truck) pushed to late 2019

    Well if it's any indication, they've pulled the current 2017 Grand Cherokee ecodiesel from the website. Ram 1500 still has it available for one model.
  7. Northridge4x4

    Welcome to JLWF. Always great to see a local (to me) vendor!
  8. Elevated Off Road

    Welcome to JLWF. Great to see vendors interested early.

    Welcome to JLWF. Great to see vendors interested early.
  10. Expedition One

    Welcome to JLWF. Great to see vendors interested early.
  11. 2020 Jeep Gladiator Pickup (JT) Info Compilation

    What's extended QC exactly? And does it affect whether the very early ones off the production line will have more or less issues than later ones?
  12. 2020 Jeep Gladiator Pickup (JT) Info Compilation

    Yea should be about that time frame. I wonder if it'll be full bore production from the beginning or will they scale up. If it's a gradual ramp up I could see the first few at each dealerships being hot ticket items ripe for dealer gouging :(
  13. Jeep Gladiator Pickup Truck (JT) Spy Pics and Videos!

    Too big. A Wrangler pickup would be small-medium truck that's got all the off road capabilities of the Wrangler baked into it.
  14. Jeep CEO- new Wrangler "probably" not debuting until second half of 2017

    Makes no sense to me to pick CES over Detroit to make a car related press reveal. How many automotive press and auto enthusiasts visit CES compared to Detroit? And why no chance to reveal the Wrangler at CES? Article suggests it could even be a vehicle.
  15. Limited production? Price?

    Some sales cannibalizing will for sure happen. I can easily see there might be many who want a Jeep but figure hey why not add even more utility with a flatbed. This is assuming price isn't so different between the JT and JL/JLU of course.