1. Swapped a 6.4L V8 Hemi into my Gladiator Rubicon "SRT" (Videos & Pics)

    Since Jeep won’t do it, I did it myself VIDEOS PHOTOS Updated with comments: My thoughts are this thing is incredible... that much power at your fingertips is never anything I’ve ever had in the many Jeeps I’ve owned. I understand 40k is a big ask, but it was worth every penny so...
  2. Will we ever get a V8 in the Scrambler?

    Do you think we will ever get a V8? A 5.7 hemi seems like a plausible powertrain later on maybe in 2020 especially since the Ram trucks use it. Most pickups of the JT’s size have a V8 option and I was just wondering because I’m sure many people would opt for it and I’m guessing many people will...