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  1. Nevada Rubicon Wheels & Tires - For Sale

    Like new, only use for 700 miles 4 Allow Wheels & Tires 1 Steel Wheel & Tire Tires (33") 285/70/17 - Falken Wildpeak TPMS - Not included Original Lug Nuts Included $1200.00 Local Pick up Out of state Shipping Not Included
  2. Tennessee Individual Rubicon Wheels

    I have 3 Rubicon wheels left. Located in East Tennessee. All of them are in great shape! I’m selling them individually. $200 obo
  3. Utah Gladiator Sport S Stock Wheels and Tires

    4 stock wheels and tires up for sale, along with the stock spare. They do not have TPMS modules. I prefer local Utah sales. the four wheels have less than 6,000 miles on them And the spare has not been used. All in good condition. I’ll consider all offers. I can ship; shipping Is extra. I can...
  4. Utah JT Sport S takeoff wheels+tires with spare

    Getting rid of a set of sport s wheels and tires, including the spare tire. I thought I needed them but ended up not, so let me know if anyone wants them. Wheels are in great condition, tires were used for about 6 mo. They include the lug nuts but do not have TPMS modules Included. Not willing...
  5. Utah WTB-Set of wheels and tires

    Looking to buy a set of 33's 34's or 35's.Does not have to include lug nuts or TPMS...just the wheels and tires is fine. Must have good tread...prefer all terrain tires but mud terrain ones work too. Local to Utah only. Thanks!! EDIT: no longer needed.
  6. Missouri FS: Gladiator Overland Wheels/Tires/Lug Nuts Takeoffs

    Based in Kansas City, MO New Takeoffs from Gladiator Overland, taken off with 62 miles. No issues alone. Asking $800 for set and I'm willing to sell singles if I can get 4 commitments to be used a the spare tire. It's been many years since I have shipped wheels and tires but I'm not...
  7. 2020 Gladiator Overland Wheels and tires

    Set of 4 2020 Gladiator overland wheels and tires for sale $800 obo tires have less than 25 miles on them! Local pickup in N.C.! Need these gone don’t have room to store them!
  8. Iowa Sport S Wheels & Tires

    Selling my 2020 Gladiator Sport S 17" stock wheels & Bridgestone Dueler 245/75R17 tires (4 + spare), lug nuts included. Only 800 miles on them (zero on the spare) all highway, no scuffs on the wheels, brand new. I'm in the Sioux City area and willing to meet somewhere if it's within reason, I'd...
  9. Max Wheel Width for Max Tow Dueler A/Ts

    Hey Guys! Looking into getting the Rocktrix rt105 wheels on amazon, and I'm wondering if I can fit my current tires on them. I'm trying to get a little more wear out of them before I upgrade to some 35's down the road. They are 9" wide and the Info I'm finding online says that the max width...
  10. Virginia Sport S Stock Rims and tires, w/ TPMS Sensors Included full size spare

    5 Bridgestone Dueler A/T RH-S tires 245/75R17. 4 tires have around 1k miles on them and the spare has 0 miles. $400 for all 5. Local no way you want to pay for shipping and I am sure there are like deals in your own area for the same wheels. Will entertain trades for other Gladiator equipment.
  11. South Carolina SOLD

  12. Gladiator Wheel Fitment

    Hi Jeepsters, upgrading from JKU Sport to JT Rubicon (yeah what an upgrade right?) but it'd be nice to transfer my Pro Comp alloy series 69 matt black 16x8 wheels and 33' MTs to JT for the time being. And that's the question: Would those 16x8 fit JT Rubicon? Thanks!
  13. Iowa Rubicon 33" Take Off's

    Brand new - complete set including TPMS and spare with steel wheel. Wheels are 17-Inch x 7.5-Inch Granite Crystal Aluminum Wheels (spare is stock steel wheel w/ no TPMS) Tires are Falken 33-Inch LT285/70R17C Mud-Terrain Tires Asking $1500 PM if interested Update - not interested in splitting...
  14. Alabama Rubicon 33" Take Off's

    Sorry - Posted in Wrong State
  15. Lets see all those Gladiators with lifts and bigger tires!

    Hi all, :) Making one thread for all gladiators on lifts and bigger tires! Please post your pics & following information: Lift size Lift manufacturer Tire size Wheel specs & brand Thanks
  16. Alabama Overland Wheels and Tires

    Wheels and Tires with just over the 1000 miles on them Lugs. Yes included. TPMS, NOT Included. Pristine and clean $1000.OBO. Local pick up/meet up Atlanta area. Will look at Shipping at cost. I can ship as cargo Airport to Airport for less than freight cost. BS 255/70-18’’ In Atlanta.
  17. VenomRex wheels - CYBER MONDAY SALE - BUY 3 GET 1 FREEEEE

    Hello there! Your friendly neighborhood Jeep wheel brand here, letting you know that our Cyber Monday Sale is up now! Buy 3 of any wheel, and get the 4th FREE. For a limited time, also get a free gift with our order! (gifts will be selected at random and will be either a VenomRex snapback...

    Hello there! Your friendly neighborhood Jeep wheel brand here, letting you know that our Black Friday Sale is up now! Buy 3 of any wheel, and get the 4th FREE. Act now while supplies last! Available on our site at Or from any of...
  19. VenomRex wheels - New off road Flow-Forged technology

    VenomRex is proud to be the latest sponsor of the Jeep Gladiator Forums and we have some awesome new products we have introduced for the off road community! For years, the off road wheel industry has been 20 years behind in design, engineering, and technology when compared to the motorsport...
  20. Missouri Rubicon Take-offs Wheel and Tires LT295/70R17 Patagonia M/T 2K Miles

    Complete set of wheels and tires (Spare tire no wheel) off of my rubicon. They are in great shape no scuffs or scratches. They have 295/70R17 Patagonia M/Ts on them with about 2k miles $1200 shipped