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  1. Sell wheels/tires to Upgrade tires/wheels

    Yo folks ! I have a willys that came with the Firestone destination m/t tires; I think they’re 32/17s . They’re not bad by any means, but I want bigger !! That being said- anyone know a good place to sell wheels and tires ? I tried Facebook and Craigslist but everyone’s looking for some crazy...
  2. 2020 Jeep Gladiator Sport JT, need tire and wheel advice/recommendations

    I'm wanting to start doing some trails but I'm trying to avoid a lift. So I was recommended a tire build by a buddy who recommended that I put 33x12.5x17 tires with a rim that is 8" wide and has a backspace of 4.5". He mentioned that If it has 3.75" of backspace to get a 1.25" spacer. I added...
  3. What is the most important accessory for your Gladiator?

    As always we value your feedback, we would love to see what is the most important to you!
  4. A little about us

    Hello Jeep Gladiator Forum! My name is Alex; I am a Sales Consultant and your point of contact for RealTruck, and we are very excited to join this forum and get to know you all. For those of you that have never heard of us, we are one of the largest aftermarket vehicle accessory companies in...
  5. Nevada Rubicon Wheels and Tires $1000 OBO

    890 miles on them. Asking $1500.00 OBO
  6. Texas Sport S Tires and Wheels - Just 650 Miles

    $300. 4 OEM Jeep Gladiator 17x7.5 Wheels and Bridgestone Dueler 245/75/17 tires. only used for 650 highway miles. All wheel lug nuts and locks included. No TPMS. Austin, TX.
  7. Best website to buy tires/wheels

    Hi y’all I’ve had my gladiator (sport s) for almost a year now, and I’m itching to get her some new shoes. I was thinking about getting the 2020 OEM rubicon wheels. Does anyone have any input on where to buy them besides eBay?
  8. Proper mods from stock with 33x12.5 r20

    Just moved to Knoxville where wheeling opportunities abound. Bought my rig with 6k miles on it and some upgrades in place. It’s an overland, so 3.73 gears. Right now it’s got new wheels and tires that look ok but not very functional. 33x12.5r20 MT tires. Hate to scrap a nearly new set of...
  9. Georgia Overland Stock Tires & Wheels, incl. Spare

    Just took off my stock tires and wheels to go up to 35s. They have around 4500 miles on them, the spare is brand new. Still plenty of tread. Wheels are in great condition other than being a little dirty. I also went up to a 35" spare so you can have the spare as well. They all have the stock...
  10. California Rubicon Takeoffs - Wheels and Tires for sale

    Selling my barely used, Rubicon takeoffs. Full set of 4 tires and wheels. Original lugs included. Tires are 2020 Falken WildPeak AT3 285/70/R17 (33" diameter tires) and wheels are the original, OEM Rubicon grey/charcoal - 17" (5x5 bolt pattern for Wranglers and Gladiators). These are hardly...
  11. California Original Rubicon Wheels and Tires (285/70/R17 Falken WildPeaks)

    Selling my barely used, Rubicon wheels and tires. Full set of 4 tires and wheels. Tires are 2020 Falken WildPeak AT3 285/70/R17 (33" diameter tires) and wheels are the original, OEM Jeep alloy grey/charcoal - 17" (5x5 bolt pattern for Wranglers and Gladiators). These are hardly used and like...
  12. Colorado Rubicon Takeoff Wheels + MT Tires, TPMS and Spare included - $1000

    Hi All, Only 490 miles on them. Selling my original set of Rubicon takeoff wheels w/ the factory Falken Wildpeak M/T tires. Including factory spare(never used), and the tires never came off so all TPMS included. One of 4 has 3 small dings from a trail I ran with these (they performed awesome)...
  13. North Carolina Falken Wildpeak Rubicon Wheels & Tires - 33"

    I just upgraded to 37s and am selling my stock 33" JT Rubicon wheels and tires. $1000 $850 OBO Includes 4 wheels and tires, as well as the lugs and wheel locks. No sensors. Local pickup in the Raleigh area. Less than 1K miles on them
  14. Texas Gladiator Takeoffs- DFW

    245/75/17 Bridgestone's in great condition with approx. 500 miles on them! $450 for tires/wheels will combine with 2.5in RC leveling kit and Daystar 3/4 back-spacer(both brand new) for $500 firm. Located in Fort Worth
  15. Nevada Rubicon Wheels & Tires - For Sale

    Like new, only use for 700 miles 4 Allow Wheels & Tires 1 Steel Wheel & Tire Tires (33") 285/70/17 - Falken Wildpeak TPMS - Not included Original Lug Nuts Included $1200.00 Local Pick up Out of state Shipping Not Included
  16. Tennessee Individual Rubicon Wheels

    I have 3 Rubicon wheels left. Located in East Tennessee. All of them are in great shape! I’m selling them individually. $200 obo
  17. Utah Gladiator Sport S Stock Wheels and Tires $450

    4 stock wheels and tires up for sale, along with the stock spare. They do not have TPMS modules. Local Utah sale ONLY. the four wheels have less than 6,000 miles on them And the spare has not been used. I can accept payment via Venmo, Zelle or Apple Pay.
  18. Utah JT Sport S takeoff wheels+tires with spare

    Getting rid of a set of sport s wheels and tires, including the spare tire. I thought I needed them but ended up not, so let me know if anyone wants them. Wheels are in great condition, tires were used for about 6 mo. They include the lug nuts but do not have TPMS modules Included. Not willing...
  19. Utah WTB-Set of wheels and tires

    Looking to buy a set of 33's 34's or 35's.Does not have to include lug nuts or TPMS...just the wheels and tires is fine. Must have good tread...prefer all terrain tires but mud terrain ones work too. Local to Utah only. Thanks!! EDIT: no longer needed.
  20. Missouri FS: Gladiator Overland Wheels/Tires/Lug Nuts Takeoffs

    Based in Kansas City, MO New Takeoffs from Gladiator Overland, taken off with 62 miles. No issues alone. Asking $800 for set and I'm willing to sell singles if I can get 4 commitments to be used a the spare tire. It's been many years since I have shipped wheels and tires but I'm not...