Jeep CEO Talks Jeep Pickup at LA Auto Show as Anticipation Builds

Right on the heels of the Jeep Wrangler JL’s debut at the LA Auto Show yesterday, Toledo Blade wasted no time in looking forward and asking Jeep CEO Michael Manley about the Jeep Pickup which should debut about the same time next year.

“Already the anticipation for that pickup truck is building and building,” Jeep CEO Mike Manley told The Blade at the Los Angeles Auto Show Wednesday. “Now for the first time we’re able to return Jeep to a portfolio it had with a pickup truck and I’m incredibly pleased the way the design’s come together and where it’s going to be manufactured.”

And in speaking on sales forecast for the Scrambler Pickup, Manley has a bullish outlook. “Now, I have a degree of insider knowledge they don’t,” Mr. Manley said referring to various automotive forecasters prediction of 30,000 to 45,000 units a year, “but from my perspective the opportunity for that vehicle in our portfolio is really quite significant.”


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