1. Mark's Gobi Mojave Build Featuring Custom Spare Tire Mount Baja Style

    Love my Mojave and have finally finished a lot of the build. My buddy Ronnie and I have had a blast building my Mojave so far. The difference from the first few trips before the build and the trip last weekend after the build was incredible. The chopped fenders with the massive and very...
  2. Gobi Mojave Build Series

    Picked up a brand new gladiator off the lot back in February of this year, 02/10/2021. Gobi exterior with steel grey interior. Pretty much fully optioned except the LED lighting group. Starting this thread to keep progress updates as it’s my first ever Jeep build! Attached are pics from day 1 of...
  3. Gobi Gladiator Rubicon

    Gobi Gladiator Rubicon

  4. GOBI Steath Rack (over cab)

    GOBI is taking pre-orders on their over-cab Steath Roof Rack. Looks like it will hinge back like their JKU/JLU racks to allow the roof to be removed. I like it! :rock: https://www.gobiracks.com/product-category/jeep/gladiator-2019-2020/