overland build

  1. "Look back at it" Photos

    We all know its a requirement to "look back at it" when you have a gladiator. How can you walk away without a double take, especially with the Expedition Driven Camper set up! Who else has a shot of them looking back? :CWL:
  2. Tested out the new Fox 2.5 suspension!

    We took the Expedition Driven Gladiator out to the Salt Flats and surrounding area to test out the new lift, suspension, and tires. So far they feel incredible and would recommend the fox kit to anyone. Especially with our EDC on the back it handled like a dream! Vision Wheels, Fox 2.5...
  3. Expedition Driven Camper by Harker Outdoors

    Expedition Driven Camper. Starting at $8,999 A perfect addition to the Jeep Gladiator. A fully welded steel frame and aluminum composite materials result in an extremely strong, yet lightweight camper (just 300 pounds) that sets up and tears down in under a minute! Optional equipment includes...
  4. We fit an entire kitchen in the Gladiator

    What do you guys think about this build inside the Expedition Driven Camper? The tailgate annex gives us enough room to add a fold out sink!
  5. Our Cross-Over Build | Overland & Rock-Crawler

    Hey everyone, We have spent the past year building our JT and this is what we have so far. Please comment, we would love to hear what you all think. Some of the most useful things we have found out for our build has come from some of you. Also if you have any questions about our build, please...
  6. Overland Build | Clayton Overland 3.5 Kit | Falcon 3.3 | Mr & Mrs Overlander's Build

    Hope you all are having a good weekend so far! Its been a year since we started our Build and for "now" we are done! Many of you asked what are are running on our JT, This is our most up to date video on our build Video. Currently we are out in the wild putting our build to the test! We are...