Gladiator Taillights Debut From Quake LED

Quake LED announces their brand-new Jeep Gladiator taillights. As described by Quake LED:

These DOT compliant taillights utilize bent metal construction instead of a plastic housing which give them more strength and a more aggressive look (no more broken taillights). The patent pending metal housing is also what allows us to put a bottle opener directly on the light! These Quake LED Taillights feature a much brighter running light and brake light compared to stock giving you much more visibility while driving down the road. The powerful seperate reverse light is sure to give you plenty of light while backing up as well.

These lights have two operating modes: a fully plug and play mode that allows them to be plugged in right out of the box and function like the factory taillight, and a “light hacker mode” that enables a sequential amber turn signal that moves in the direction you are turning. Like all of Quake LED’s products these taillights are fully plug and play and will cause no hyper flash or dash errors! These taillights are designed to work with ALL models of the Jeep Gladiator (sport, overland, & rubicon!).

Catch the video, specs and more images inside.