1. North Carolina OEM Mojave Sand/Rock Rails

    Selling the OEM rock rails/sand sliders off of my 2020 Mojave edition gladiator. Have less than 300 miles on them as I bought the truck new and switching them out for an aftermarket set. Pictures attached, in like new condition. Asking $250 local pickup or meet.
  2. Adjustment/Advice for High Tongue Weight Carrying w/ 2020 Mojave

    Hi! new and excited Jeep and Gladiator Owner here. I have previously read in other forums that while towing with a Gladiator, no "settings" or "adjustments" need to be made to the Gladiator as the onboard tech should automatically compensate for the additional load. I have many questions about...
  3. Mojave DIY Prerunner Lights

    Installed DIY Prerunner lights In the Hood Scoop making it somewhat functional... I couldn’t put them in the Grill due to the Front Facing Camera... Spliced them into the Marker lights... I found these bulbs from Amazon...
  4. Stock Mojave w/ 37s Thread

    I wanted to start a thread for all the Mojave Owners, or soon to be owners, out there who are looking to Run 37s on Stock Setup... i know that there's a lot of guys out there who have the same questions in terms of not wanting to touch the factory suspension, but who would also like to run 37s...
  5. Georgia PERFORMANCE ELITE SERIES 2.5 RESERVOIR SHOCK set from 2021 Mojave Gladiator

    Taken off at dealership for larger suspension. Practically new with approx 100 test drive miles on them. Internal Bypass set $2200
  6. 2021 Mojave Gladiator Hamburger's Supercharged Stage II

    We are getting ready to offer a Stage II kit for the Jeep JL/JT. Just waiting for the exhaust to come in to finish tuning for the Stage II. Stay tuned.
  7. New Mojave in NV

    New to the forum. Just picked up my Mojave last week. Did some light wheeling around Hollywood blvd today. Really impressed with the truck. It’s a lot of fun. Look forward to building it up a bit, and playing in a lot more dirt.
  8. Mojave or Rubicon Seats.

    IS there any way to buy the Mojave or Rubicon seats from Mopar or somewhere else? I really prefer the bolstering and the molle back panels on these seats to the stock Willys seats. Also the cloth seems to be much higher quality. I wasn't able to get a Mojave or Rubicon when I got my gladiator so...
  9. MOJAVE; Turns out I do not need to adjust/recalibrate speedometer running 37s.

    Mojave running 37s with -12 offset wheel, no lift, full turns are perfectly clear. also turns out I do not need to adjust/recalibrate speedometer jumping from 32s to 37s. Comparison I made was with waze and other speedo apps before and after and it is still accurate without any adjustment...
  10. Undisclosed sold

  11. Mojave goes airborne, shocks bottoming out; pretty impressive, no bent-frame.

    Mojave goes airborne, shocks bottoming out @17:47; pretty impressive :jk: :like: no bent-frame.
  12. Mojave only Pic thread!

    C'mon, lets show some love to the Mojave! Here's Chris's Jeep Gladiator Mojave with a new set of 35x12.50R17 Ridge Grapplers from...
  13. December 12, 2018

    December 12, 2018. This was the date I joined the Jeep Gladiator Forum and Saturday the 27th I officially joined the Jeep Family!. It certainly felt at times like I would never get my JT. I still can't believe I took delivery of My 2020 Jeep Gladiator Mojave in Gator ( The best color). I can say...