2021 Jeep Gladiator?


It's very nerve racking seeing all the builds but I'd rather 1 have a build I'm 100% wanting and 2 have enough to put down to where I'm not riding around in my gladiator and come home to feed my family ramen noodles for supper. Plus a high payment is like a kick in the nuts, sure you get an awesome truck but that gut feeling of "will I be able to make next months payment" will just kill all the fun. Best to be patient and wait it out :time: I'm 27 married with 2 kids. I've got more priorities and responsibilities to consider before I put my family in jeopardy like that lol
I will give you the same speech that I give every other 27 year old with two kids. You decided that that wife and two kids were the most important thing and they should be. A Gladiator is a car but your priorities should be your wife and kids so forget the Gladiator. Come drive mine, its a car its really not a big deal. I would do anything to have a good wife and kids, definitely give up my Gladiator and I can afford to have both.

Catch my drift?

50k today for a white launch with 35's, vr10s warn winch and warn grill guard, extended warranty and pulsar 30hp tuner and its yours. I have a dealers license so you will be the first owner, I have mso in hand. Vehicle is in Salt Lake City 1500 miles on it.
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