1. I Don’t Like Campers Trip Journal: Tonto National Forest Trip With Gladiator, ZR2, Canyon

    Do any of you tow a camper off-road? I recently went on a trip with a buddy that towed a camper with his ZR2 and it was a PITA. I ended up having to drag the camper up and down the trail to camp for him. I understand campers provide comfort and simple shelter but for the places I like to go...
  2. Travel Trailer Debate- Experienced Opinions Wanted

    My wife and I are looking at travel trailers for our family of 4 soon to be 5. After looking at several brands and layouts we have narrowed our search down to 2 models: Grand Design Imagine XLS 21bhe Dry Weight 4698 Tongue Weight 456 Length 24’ 11” Grand Design Imagine XLS...
  3. Topperlift Kit - Pop up bed topper with tent

    Curious if anyone has experience with this product. I've been thinking about a topper with a built in RTT, or a topper and a separate RTT on top of it, then I came across this. What do you think?
  4. SuperPacific Switchback X1 Canopy Camper for Gladiators!

    Hey Everyone, I'm currently working with SuperPacific a new player in the canopy camper market to develop their Gladiator model. Their Tacoma and F-150 models just wen into full production. They have the fastest lead-time and I think the lowest price compared to all the other canopy wedge...
  5. Does anyone feel the need for an Aux. Fuel Tank (Towing)?

    With the expected MPG of travel trailer towing around 11 - 13MPG, has anyone felt the need to add an auxiliary fuel tank in the bed?
  6. What did you do WITH your Gladiator today?

    Inspired by the original JL forum threads, I noticed the "do TO your..." thread was here on Gladiator forums, but not the "do WITH your..." thread. So post up pics of your gladiator adventures here to this megathread!