Tazer or Superchips paid off 10 fold.


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Nov 21, 2019
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Just going to throw my $0.02 in here. I have had both the flashcal and flashpaq from superchips over the years for several jeeps and they are great tools. Purchased a flashcal for my JT when i bought the vehicle knowing tire size was going to change and you only need to use it once and it pays for itself. The following month I purchased the Pulsar wanting to have the option of shift on the fly tunes. IMO save your money I have run it for about a year and just pulled it out. The economy mode actually was worse than stock when it came to MPG for my driving habits. The tow feature other than changing shift points really did not seem to have any improvement on torque or ability to tow without constantly up and down shifting if you hit any type of grade in the road. Now Performance mode you certainly feel a difference in throttle control and response as well as shift points but you also can watch your gas needle drop why your driving it seemed like. Here is the thing I get the same performance out of a 300 dollar pedal commander that i get from a 600 dollar pulsar. Again in my opinion save your money and stay away from the pulsar. If you want to regain some of that stock torque you lost going with bigger tires then spend the money to regear.